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10 October 2006

LSJ September Poll results

Each month we will have a new poll question on an issue raised in the previous month's issue of LSJ or on any topic of current concern.

The September Poll asked What do you call visitors to the library? The results:

Patrons: 57.11% (261/457)
Users: 21.88% (100/457)
Customers: 9.85% (45/457)
Clients: 5.47% (25/457)
Readers: 4.81% (22/457)
Other: 0.88% (4/457)

Clearly our readers prefer "patrons," with "users" a not-too-distant second. "Customers" came in with slightly less than 10% support. On the discussion board, "guest" was offered as another alternative by one reader, and others spoke out against the commercial/corporate feel of "customers" and "clients".

Our October poll ties in with two papers in the September issue by David Brian Holt and Lana Gottschalk:

Internet filtering in libraries is...

a good idea. Filters are well worth any ethical issues they raise.

sometimes a good idea. If used wisely, they serve a purpose.

up to the local community. Filter use should reflect local values.

never a good idea. They are against everything librarians stand for.

an overblown issue. Librarians spend too much time on these minor issues.

Please do visit us and vote if you have not yet done so!


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