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22 August 2006

Interning at the LoC

The good people of LIS News found this story in AXcessNews about an intern at the Library of Congress and her interesting finds while digging through some uncataloged documents.

Among the thousands of documents she catalogued and mounted for display, Mueller said some of the more interesting items include a children's biblical board game and a poster from the New York theater owned by Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

Mueller said her favorite find is a collection of tobacco advertisements from the early 1870s that featured children smoking.

Items discovered by some of the other interns include blueprints for a proposed expansion of the White House, early photographs of baseball great Cy Young and a 1916 play script by composer Cole Porter and his college roommate.

Visit the LoC's Internships, Fellowships, and Volunteer Programs page if interested in doing something like this yourself. There are a number of opportunities available (and not all of them are unpaid!).


Blogger burlapwax said...

Very cool! I added it to the LSJ Links page.


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