LSJ Editors' Blog: Tour of Scottish Libraries

01 February 2007

Tour of Scottish Libraries

The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library and Information Studies has announced the details of its 12th Librarians Tour of Scotland, which will take place July 14-25, 2007. And good news for students, you might be able to get credit for it–trip leader Jane Pearlmutter says:
Because I've had a number of questions regarding the availability of graduate credit for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Librarians' Tour to Scotland, I want to clarify that we offer Continuing Education Units for the tour but have not offered academic credit because of the additional cost to participants (who are rarely students). However, we have worked out arrangements in the past for students from other schools who would like to use it as an independent study (they get their credits from their home institution).
The tour includes the beautiful cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and a trip to the highlands and islands, with libraries along the way. Cost: approximately $2389 plus airfare.


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