LSJ Editors' Blog: LIS top 25 for 2007

04 January 2007

LIS top 25 for 2007

Von Totanes, Filipino Librarian and member of this journal's Editorial Board, reports that, at least according to one expert, librarianship has a bright future:
According to "Get-Ahead Careers for 2007" by Marty Nemko (U.S.News & World Report, 18 December 2006), "Even though anybody can do a Google search, for instance, librarians will be needed more and more to help us navigate all that digital information."
The article lists Librarian as one of the top 25 careers for 2007. Compared to other careers on the list, it is one of the lowest paid, but it is given an "A" for Quality of Life (and a "C" for Prestige). Architect, by comparison, has a slightly lower median salary and only a "B" for Quality of Life (though an "A" for Prestige).


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