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16 November 2006

An interview with the ALA president

Left to right: Provost Tripathi, President Burger, Interim Dean Finley. Photos courtesy of Jennifer Potter. Click for more.

Jennifer Potter, president of the University at Buffalo chapter of ALA, had a chance to ask Leslie Burger, President of ALA, about her meeting with Provost Satish Tripathi and Interim Dean Lucinda M. Finley, in which they discussed the controversial decision to close the School of Informatics. In this recorded interview, Leslie reports a productive meeting that promised a bright future for the UB MLS program.

It has become clear that the Provost is willing to explore new options, reconsidering his initial decision that placed the Department of Library and Information Studies in the Graduate School of Education. It looks increasingly likely that our new home will be the College of Arts and Sciences. As in a previous meeting with student representatives, the Provost discussed his desire to establish a PhD component.

Leslie also gives this advice to soon-to-graduate students: "Students need to be passionate about what they want to do. They need to create the change they want to see."

Jennifer Potter presents a gift to Leslie Burger.

Thanks again to Leslie for visiting and to Jennifer and the other UB students who made it happen.


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best blog for this type of feeds..thnx a lot for shairng and helping all with your blog!! God bless you!
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