LSJ Editors' Blog: LiSRadio steaming up the airwaves

01 May 2006

LiSRadio steaming up the airwaves

If you haven't yet, check out LiSRadio, a "new and exciting series of interactive webcasts brought to you by the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri-Columbia." LiSRadio consists of a variety of interesting series on LIS topics. For students I especially recommend the First Tuesday Series and On The Job.

Tomorrow's (ie. tuesday's, go figure) First Tuesday–-an interview with Dr. Mary Bly, aka Eloisa James, author of such steamy historical romances as Kiss Me, Annabel ("Sleeping in the same bed? Not to mention the game of words started by the earl – in which the prize is a kiss. And the forfeit…") and the recently released The Taming of the Duke ("Lady Maitland is still under the watchful eye of her former guardian, the wildly untamed Rafe, the Duke of Holbrook...")–-is perhaps not the most relevant for all LIS students, but check out the September 6 interview with Rachel Holt about Job Opportunities for Next Gen Librarians (and read more on Nextgens from Rachel here).


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