LSJ Editors' Blog: Innovative public libraries enable digital media downloads

27 April 2006

Innovative public libraries enable digital media downloads

For a month now patrons of the Chicago Public Library have been able to download over 1300 audio books from its Digital Audio Books Catalog. After downloading the free OverDrive software, patrons can check out up to 6 titles for 21 days, after which the they are automatically "returned to the shelf" and become available for another patron to check out. Some items can be legally burned to CD, on an item to item basis. OverDrive works with many portable devices, though notably not the iPod.

Not to be outdone, Denver Public Library now uses OverDrive for its digital audio books collection and its digital video ("eflicks") collection. --More info from CBS Denver--


Blogger Kate Owen said...

Yet another sign of changes to come. It is worth a visit to their website . My jury vote is still out on how beneficial the change to managed rights as granted by EULAs from rights granted by the first-sale doctrine will be for libraries. I have to admit that I enjoy the security that comes from owning one's collection rather than leasing it. We're a long way from an entirely digital collection in public libraries, so there is time for my fears to be allayed.


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