LSJ Editors' Blog: AADL selected as best large-library site

19 June 2006

AADL selected as best large-library site

According to the AADL Director's Blog, the Ann Arbor District Library was selected by the ALA as this year's best library website for large libraries. The AADL site is incredibly easy to navigate, seamlessly incorporating things like RSS feeds and blogs for new material. According to the director's blog, the goal of a recent revamp project was to make the site "functional for all levels of computer proficiency, use interactive tools to facilitate communication with our customers." Goal accomplished I'd say!


Anonymous Andrea Wiggins said...

Hey, that's awesome! I live in Ann Arbor, and the District Library here really is great.

The AADL site implementation is one of the smoothest Drupal sites I have ever seen. I worked on a Drupal installation ( for another project, and that's no small accomplishment. As an open-source CMS, it's highly configurable but it can be challenging to make it look as good as the AADL has done.

Blogger Eli Guinnee said...

Yes, it's quite impressive. You're certainly blessed with some forward-thinking library folk up there-- forward thinking and with the expertise to pull it off. Do you read the superpatron blog?


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