LSJ Editors' Blog: Tim Berners Lee on Net Neutrality

08 May 2006

Tim Berners Lee on Net Neutrality

I've been following the recently failed attempts to have net neutrality codified into law. Tim Berners Lee recently posted his statement in support of network neutrality. The ALA also supported the recently failed amendment.

I'm firmly in the camp of network neutrality supporters. Surely some better way can be found to finance the build out of better networks than allowing the communications giants to charge fees for preferential delivery. Ed Markey, the representative who introduced the amendment, has vowed that the fight is not over.

You can join the fight by heading to Save the Internet. A quote from their homepage: "Your local library shouldn’t have to outbid Barnes & Noble for the right to have its Web site open quickly on your computer."


Blogger Eli Guinnee said...

I'll second that, Kate! And I'll add that Wallace Koehler, Director of the MLIS program at Valdosta State, has written this article on the subject, which includes links to more resources if anyone wants to explore the issue further.


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