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19 April 2006

Getting started with blogs and RSS feeds

I'm a recent convert to blogging/RSS feeds and I hope to convert many of you LIS students as well. RSS is worth knowing about for two reasons: RSS feeds are the best way to keep updated on new developments in the field, and RSS has great potential as a tool for better serving our communities. With RSS you can subscibe to the feeds of your favorite journals, newspapers and blogs through an aggregator, and any newly published information from those sources will be automatically sent to your desktop. No searching, no surfing, no nothing, it's just there! So please, take a couple minutes to subscribe to a feed or two--I promise it will save you hours in the long run.

How do you get started? There are, let's say, three easy steps: Find an aggregator. Subscribe to some feeds. Read.

A google search will find some good free aggregators. Bloglines is a popular one. I personally like gmail's "Webclips" feature-- a very simple aggregator already attached to all gmail accounts. If you use the excellent and free Firefox browser, you can even add feeds to your Bookmarks by clicking on the little orange icon on the bottom of the window or on the right side of the address bar.

All aggregators have a feature to search for and subscribe to feeds--do a search for "library" to find some good library blogs, etc.--or if you know the feed url you can cut and paste it into your aggregator. Ours is: .

For more details check out Getting Started with RSS: The Fifteen-Minute Tutorial
by K.G Schneider's, aka the Free Range Librarian.

Eli Guinnee


Blogger burlapwax said...

Greetings, Eli -- I'm looking forward to seeing this e-Journal come together. Since you're discussing RSS and blogs, I have to put a plug in for the blogs belonging to Jenn Graham (Library Matters and Jennimi; Ken Fujiuchi (LibraRonin); Sheryl Saxby (Follow Your Bliss); and mine (Washtublibrarian). Any other LIS students' blogs? Post linkees so we can subscribe.

Blogger LibraRonin said...

Thanks Ben for the plug. I wish we had the LSJ when I was still in Library School.


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